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Chief Information Security Officer Bob Barrett has 19 years of experience in the technology consulting field, and holds certifications as an Information Systems Analyst, in Cisco Enterprise Networks, Cisco Datacenter, Cisco Meraki, VMware Datacenter, VMware Desktop, Microsoft, Veeam, EMC, Tegile, Pure Storage, and HPE Nimble. He began his career working as an engineer in the SMB space as he completed his GVSU undergraduate (Information Systems), then moved into datacenter and enterprise networks consulting for larger organizations, and rounded out his consulting portfolio by taking on the discipline of Information Security. Eventually moving into presales, practice lead, and practice building roles, he is currently working on bringing his diverse experience to bear in a solutions offering for the Industrial IoT space.

Login Security: Why You Need Strong Passwords & Multi-Factor Authentication

By Bob Barrett / April 1, 2022 / 0 Comments

In a time when cybersecurity breaches seem ubiquitous, it’s imperative to have the proper protection in place. When it comes to login security, strong passwords and multi-factor authentication are key to protecting your information.

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Cybersecurity Explained: A Discipline of Constant Refinement

By Bob Barrett / September 17, 2018 / 0 Comments

The KR Group has introduced its new, nature-approved approach to security: KR Hive. Hive exists to help your organization continuously achieve improvement in your overall security position.

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Cryptojacking: What you need to know to stay protected

By Bob Barrett / May 2, 2018 / 0 Comments

With the frenzied rise of cryptocurrencies, Cryptojacking is an attractive revenue stream for attackers; so much so that it’s currently outpacing Ransomware (if that’s possible)

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KR Hive: Shift Your Security Perspective

By Bob Barrett / March 1, 2018 / 0 Comments

As a risk-mitigating business outcome, securing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data should rank among the top priorities of asset owners and decision-makers. With this in mind, The KR Group is pleased to introduce KR Hive – our nature-approved approach to security.

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The Next-Gen Security Cocktail

By Bob Barrett / November 2, 2017 / 0 Comments

As efforts to prevent breaches ramp up in the SMB and mid-markets, companies are sifting through a host of decisions that balance allowing users the freedom to do their jobs, while promoting the innovation necessary to compete, providing IT with visibility, fitting the budget, and still stopping threats from both known and unknown attack vectors.

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