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When you need external help with an IT need, turn to experts with the knowledge and resources to help you address it.

Your IT environment is comprised of dozens of different physical and virtual systems. You’ve carefully selected and implemented them to keep your organization’s IT environment running smoothly.

However, it can’t stay the way it is forever.

Your network undoubtedly looks much different than it did 5 years ago, and it should continue to evolve in the future.

As IT rapidly evolves, you may find it challenging to stay on top of the best performing and most secure solutions.

The KR Group keeps a finger on the pulse of innovation and changes in IT, so you can focus on keeping your environment running. When you rely on us to know what systems will work for you, you can rest assured your replacement or refresh will go smoothly.

What is IT Consulting?

You’re an expert on your organization’s IT environment, but implementing new technology, platforms, tools, or methods likely falls outside your wheelhouse.

When you work with an IT consulting company, specifically The KR Group, you’ll gain an external perspective of what technologies you should consider to replace, optimize, or expand.

Whatever problem led you to consider an IT consultant, we’ll provide strategies and suggestions to help solve these problems to meet your organization’s IT goals.

These problems can exist in different areas of your IT environment, and we can advise you on the following:


Enterprise Network

From solution design to project implementation, we can work with your IT team to find the right solutions to refresh or expand your existing systems. Our team members have experience with nearly every aspect of IT, including routing, switching, and wireless.


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Employees collaborating during a meeting


How you communicate with colleagues and customers has changed dramatically over the past several years. You must have a quality phone system to empower these conversations. Whether you’re looking to move your phone system to the cloud, increase mobility, or add video calling features, we can find the solutions you need.


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A woman in a server room working on cloud migration

Cloud Migration

If you’re looking to downsize your physical IT footprint or increase mobility, migrating some or all of your systems to the cloud will accomplish this goal. Navigating the migration process takes months of planning and can pull you away from other necessary duties. We can help you design and implement a migration plan with minimal downtime.

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Your business is only as secure as your weakest link.

This could be missing patches, lack of security solutions, poor user practices, and many others.

Every vulnerability within your IT environment is a chance for attackers to exploit your data. It is essential you have cybersecurity protections in place for the survival of your business.


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Server backup and disaster recovery system

Backup and Disaster Recovery

How much data could you lose if your IT environment was destroyed or compromised? How long can you be down without it negatively impacting your business? Backup and disaster recovery provide a lifeline in case your data is physical destroyed in a natural disaster or compromised from a cyber attack.


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Data Center

Your IT environment is a complex system of physical and virtual systems working together to provide the solutions your business relies on. When you need to add, update or modify this environment, it’s crucial new solutions work with the ones you already have in place.


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The KR Group’s Approach

Whether you have a small or large IT footprint, you’ve purposely designed it to do exactly what you need it to.

Bringing in external support can be intimidating as you worry about the fate of your existing network.

As IT experts, we understand the fear of having someone else make changes to your network. To ease this hesitation, we work with you to learn about your environment and needs before touching your IT stack.

Having knowledge and expertise in systems from various vendors allows us to suggest multiple solutions, so you can work with us to find one that will best fit your organization’s needs and goals.

Our current partnerships include:

Meet Our Team

Wondering who you’ll be working with? Learn more about our subject matter experts:

Braden Bolkema
Chief Technology Officer
Braden has been in the technology field for more than 21 years. He spent the early part of his career working as the network admin at a community hospital. His consulting focus includes project engineering and management, with an emphasis in the voice and collaboration spaces. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Calvin College, as well as several certifications from Cisco and Microsoft.
Bob Barrett
Chief Information Security Officer
Bob has 21 years of experience in the technology consulting field and holds certifications as an Information Systems Analyst in Cisco Enterprise Networks, Cisco Data Center, Cisco Meraki, VMware Data Center, VMware Desktop, Microsoft, Veeam, EMC, Pure Storage, and HPE Nimble.  He began his career working as an engineer in the SMB space. He completed his GVSU undergraduate (Information Systems), then moved into data center and enterprise networks consulting for larger organizations, and rounded out his consulting portfolio by taking on the discipline of Information Security.

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Turn to The KR Group to develop a plan to strategically guide your IT environment as your goals change. From expert advice on designing or implementing the latest technology to taking on the responsibility of your IT infrastructure, our team is ready to help.

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