What Makes The KR Group’s Managed Services Different?

Now that you know all about managed IT services and why they’re right for your business, you need to find a managed service provider (MSP) who will meet your needs.

The KR Group managed services

The best MSPs share many qualities. Most importantly, they go above and beyond to communicate with you and accomplish what you’ve contracted with them to do – solve your IT problems – with expertise and efficiency.

Whether you’re considering The KR Group as your first MSP or looking for a new provider, we know how much trust it takes to hand over your IT environment. And, we certainly hope we’re in the running to be your MSP.

Over the past decade, we have been building our managed IT services team to meet our customers’ technical needs and provide service that stands out.

Some of the characteristics that we believe make us stand out from our competitors are:

  1. Our engineers know how to solve your problems and communicate clearly.
  2. We have a technical leadership team supporting our managed services engineers.
  3. Our managed IT services include redundancy.
  4. Our managed IT services contracts include on-site support.
  5. Proactive maintenance is just as important to us as responding to problems.

Consistently offering managed services with the above differentiators keeps our average weekly customer satisfaction score at 4.5 out of 5 stars.

1.  Our engineers

We recruit and hire engineers who have the technical expertise to address all of your problems.

However, we know the best engineers can also communicate with you to help you understand the problem and know the engineer can resolve it. This is why communication is one of the most important qualities we look for when hiring new employees.

Of course, technical aptitude is still vital to have a positive experience with an engineer.

There’s nothing more frustrating than requesting support for a problem and being handed over to a series of engineers before you actually get a resolution to your issue.

We know this situation negatively impacts our customers’ experience with managed services, so we avoid employing tier 1 engineers.

Tier 1 engineers are great for solving low-level IT problems, such as connectivity issues, software installation, or basic system troubleshooting. However, you need a tier 2 or higher engineer to solve the bulk of your IT issues, including network and security solutions, routing protocols, and configuring hardware platforms.

By avoiding employing tier 1 engineers, the first KR Group engineer you contact should know how to resolve your issues.

While there are certainly times one of our engineers may have to lean on a more senior engineer for assistance, this shouldn’t be the norm.

2.  Technical leadership

Our engineers undoubtedly deserve recognition for how they go above and beyond.

Behind our engineers is a supportive leadership team that also has great technical experience.

The KR Group’s leaders have all had hands-on experience working with IT. When a customer is in a pinch and our engineers are dealing with other issues, they are more than willing to step in and get your IT environment back on track.

Not only is this something they’re willing to do, but it’s also something that has happened from time to time.

By having this technical leadership, our entire company understands the demands of IT support.

3.  Redundancy

By having a technical leadership team and staffing highly-skilled engineers, we can boast about another differentiator: redundancy.

Redundancy is essential throughout IT because it provides a secondary solution when the primary one stops functioning.

For example, if you have redundant servers and your primary server were to stop functioning, a redundant server would take over and keep your IT environment running smoothly.

Similarly, by having a workforce and leadership team of highly-knowledgeable IT experts, we can provide multiple customers with timely service.

4.  Frequent on-site support

The KR Group managed services

Another distinguishing feature of The KR Group’s managed IT services is how we provide on-site support.

Unless you opt for a remote-only managed services contract, you can expect regular visits from your managed IT services engineer.

While we can’t provide the same amount of hands-on assistance as an in-house IT department, we do come on-site regularly. The exact frequency of this depends on your business’s needs, but we have current customers that we visit every week.

Any amount of regular in-person interaction with your MSP engineer allows you to build a rapport. On the engineer’s side, they’re able to gain a better understanding of your business’s needs and culture.

While frequent on-site support is something we pride ourselves on, during the coronavirus pandemic, we have shifted our on-site support to follow our customers’ policies and preferences as well as following local orders and guidelines. 

5.  Proactive maintenance

IT problems can vary from a minor annoyance to halting your entire operations.

Regardless of the magnitude of the issue, you’d rather avoid IT problems in the first place.

At The KR Group, we focus on monitoring and maintaining your IT environment.

We’ll always be there when you have a problem, but we try to reduce the frequency of IT issues through proactive monitoring.

For example, our services require your users to have our software suite installed. This package includes security solutions, such as a firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, and DNS filter.

Together, these layers of security prevent many malware attacks from successfully exploiting your environment.

Because of how cyberattacks are constantly evolving, we can’t guarantee your environment will never be a malware victim. However, we can significantly reduce the likelihood.

Additionally, The KR Group has a security team to connect you with if you want to explore other security options, such as assessments, additional solutions, or managed SOC (security operations center) services.

Why should you choose The KR Group?

At the end of the day, it’s the culmination of all of these characteristics that allow us to provide our managed IT services customers with the best experience.

When you have all of these pieces working together, you receive an efficient service with engineers who understand your problems and quickly resolve them.

If you sign a managed services contract with us, you can expect:

  • To work with an engineer who knows how to solve your problems and clearly explain what is going on
  • Have our technical leadership backing our managed services teams and thus supporting you
  • Someone always available for your most urgent IT needs
  • Regular on-site visits where you can get to know your engineer
  • An emphasis on preventing IT problems, not just solving them

For more information about how our managed services team can mitigate and respond to your IT issues, read our free guide on signing a contract.

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