What Makes The KR Group’s Managed Services Different?

Now that you know all about managed IT services and why they’re right for your business, you need to find a managed service provider (MSP) who will meet your needs.

The best MSPs share many qualities. Most importantly, they go above and beyond to communicate with you and accomplish what you’ve contracted with them to do – solve your IT problems – with expertise and efficiency.

Whether you’re considering The KR Group as your first MSP or looking for a new provider, we know how much trust it takes to hand over your IT environment. And, we certainly hope we’re in the running to be your MSP.

Over the past decade, we have been building our managed IT services team to meet our customers’ technical needs and provide service that stands out.

Some of the characteristics that we believe make us stand out from our competitors are:

  1. You’ll work with senior engineers.
  2. A separate security practice helps you with cybersecurity
  3. We use EOS leadership style
  4. We partner well with a variety of vendors
  5. We’re a partner-led company

Consistently offering managed services with the above differentiators keeps our average monthly customer satisfaction score at 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Work with Senior Engineers

We recruit and hire engineers who have the technical expertise to address all your problems.

However, we know the best engineers can also communicate with you to help you understand the problem and know the engineer can resolve it. This is why communication is one of the most important qualities we look for when hiring new employees.

Of course, technical aptitude is still vital to have a positive experience with an engineer.

There’s nothing more frustrating than requesting support for a problem and being handed over to a series of engineers before you actually get a resolution to your issue.

We know this situation negatively impacts our customers’ experience with managed services, so we avoid employing junior engineers.

Junior engineers are great for solving low-level IT problems, such as connectivity issues, software installation, or basic system troubleshooting. However, you need a senior engineer to solve the bulk of your IT issues, including network and security solutions, routing protocols, and configuring hardware platforms.

By avoiding employing junior engineers, the first KR Group engineer you contact should know how to resolve your issues.

While there are certainly times one of our engineers may have to lean on a more senior engineer for assistance, this shouldn’t be the norm.


Separate Security Practice

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is a top concern for businesses.

Small- and medium-sized businesses should be especially concerned since they’re a frequent target of attacks but often lack the proper infrastructure to keep threats out.

All MSPs should provide you with a robust security profile. However, at The KR Group, we take it a step further.

When you sign up for our managed IT services, the security profile you’ll receive has been recommended by our internal security practice.

This team is a separate division of our business and doesn’t support your daily needs, but they work with the MSP team to suggest solutions and policies you should implement.

Plus, the security team will work with you on occasion to provide an objective analysis of your IT environment to help you improve your security posture.


We Use EOS Leadership

The KR Group has been a long-time user of the Entrepreneurial Operating System for Businesses.

This leadership style emphasizes six key business components: vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction. It includes setting quarterly goals for each employee, and having scorecards to measure progress toward those goals.

EOS is a fairly popular leadership philosophy and several of our MSP customers use this program, too.

So, when we sit in on your leadership meetings to provide insight into what’s going on with your IT, we are familiar with EOS and can score ourselves using the framework.

Even if you don’t formally use EOS in your organization, we can still approach your leadership meetings with this philosophy and demonstrate how we’ve ben meeting your company’s IT goals.


We Partner Well with Other Vendors


When you sign up for The KR Group’s managed IT services, you’ll receive a few pieces of hardware (a switch, a firewall, and two wireless access points).

However, that is likely on a small piece of your IT footprint. You have other devices and software you need supported.

The KR Group can’t guarantee we know how to troubleshoot and resolve problems with every single software or hardware vendor; there’s simply too many solutions for that to be a realistic goal.

However, we partner well with other vendors, so if you have a phone system or unique piece of technology, we’ll work with your existing vendors to ensure they’re functioning.

We might not be the ones to fix issues with these technologies, but we will facilitate the support from the proper vendor.


We’re a Partner-Led Company

Another differentiator of The KR Group is we’re a partner-led company.

While many MSPs have a top IT executive with several junior engineers working beneath them. We’ve already discussed the benefits of having senior engineers

There are also benefits of working with a partner-led company, especially when all of those partners have technical experience to support the engineers and your business.

The KR Group’s five partners have been working in IT for over 10 years in various roles at a variety of organizations.

This experience allows all of them to help out your organization when we’re down engineers or you have an especially complex issue.


Why Should You Choose The KR Group?

At the end of the day, it’s the culmination of all these characteristics that allow us to provide our managed IT services customers with the best experience.

When you have these pieces working together, you receive an efficient service with engineers who understand your problems and quickly resolve them.

If you sign a managed services contract with us, you can expect:

  • To work with an engineer who knows how to solve your problems and clearly explain what is going on
  • Have access to our security practice to help you avoid a cyberattack
  • Work with a team familiar with EOS and applies it to setting and meeting IT goals
  • Count on your MSP engineers to work with vendors for software and hardware you rely on
  • Have our five partners support our engineers and your company

For more information about how our managed services team can mitigate and respond to your IT issues, read our free guide on signing a contract.

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