The KR Group’s Sales Team Welcomes Jason Elzinga

Jason Elzinga Jason Elzinga joined The KR Group as a sales support specialist in November. 

He was hired as part of the company’s goal to have more account managers and, in turn, greater growth in 2022. This department-specific plan includes hiring a new sales support specialist roughly every six months and transitioning the current employee in that position to an account manager role. 

According to CEO Matt Keeler, this model will allow new employees to get comfortable with The KR Group’s customers, products, and services before taking on accounts. 

Currently, Jason is taking over duties, such as quoting, deal registrations, customer licensing renewals, etc. However, once he transitions into an account executive role, he’ll focus on specific customers and help them find the solutions to create a more efficient and secure IT environment. 

“The KR Group has a great company culture and is a leading IT consulting company in Grand Rapids,” Jason said about his initial interest in the job. “This provided a great opportunity to learn and grow in the IT world under industry-leading consultants.” 

The KR Group’s existing sales support specialist Danielle McKee is training Jason before moving into an account manager role. She commended Jason’s prior sales experience and how it complements the sales team. 

“He has been ready and willing to jump right in and get his feet wet to really grow his knowledge in the Jason Elzinga industry and fully understand the sales support role,” Danielle continues. “I believe that he will be very successful in his role here as a sales support specialist and, in the future, an outside account manager at The KR Group.”

So far, Jason said he’s enjoying his new job along with the company culture and drive everyone has to improve their personal and professional lives.

Outside of work, the Holland native spends time with his family, including his boxer Bella. He also enjoys golfing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Jason’s other hobbies include playing Texas Holdem’, Ohama HI, Euchre, and other card games with friends or competitively.

Jason works out of The KR Group’s Grand Rapids office, and if you’re nearby, stop in and say hello. 

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