Clearly communicate with customers and internal staff through collaboration solutions.

Today, there are multiple communication avenues to use to communicate with your employees or customers.

Email remains a tried and true option, and instant messaging is convenient for quick or casual conversations.

But, when you need to have an in-depth or complicated discussion, you still pick up the phone to reach the other person. Increasingly, businesses like yours are implementing video into these phone calls.


Whether you're only making audio calls or are a pro at incorporating video, your need remains the same: You need an intuitive, reliable solution that works.

The KR Group has witnessed how implementing a new phone system revolutionizes internal and external communications for our customers.

And while the need for a reliable collaboration platform is consistent among all businesses, what it looks like is dependent on your organization's needs.

There are several collaboration options you may be considering, including:

The good news is you're at the right place. Regardless of what your specific collaboration needs are, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

On-Premises Collaboration: Cisco BE6K/BE7K

Traditionally, VOIP phone systems have required on-premises hardware to support them. This includes servers, voice gateways, SIP trunks, and desk phones.

While on-premises calling solutions are no longer the only option for VOIP phones, it is still a common choice for businesses that aren't interested in moving to the cloud or already have a large physical IT footprint.

The KR Group is a verified Cisco BE6K and BE7K reseller, so we've gone through a stringent process to sell, design, implement, and support this phone solution.

If you're considering on-premises Cisco BE6K (or BE7K if you have more than 1,000 users), there are three components you'll need to consider:

Cloud-Hosted Collaboration: Webex

Webex encompasses your calling, video conferencing, and instant messaging needs. And as the name suggests, it is hosted by one of Cisco's data centers.

By minimizing the need for physical infrastructure, Webex is more accessible for new or small businesses as well as those who simply don't want to invest in an IT footprint.

We've seen many customers consider and transition to Webex as they move away from on-premises IT and look for more mobile call options.

Additionally, Cisco recently revamped the Webex platform to be more feature inclusive and intuitive. Ultimately, the updates make it simpler for your business to use.

Cisco Flex Plan

Whether you're looking for a staged migration or want to meet each department's unique needs, it doesn't always make sense to rely solely on on-premises calling or cloud-hosted calling.

If this describes your collaboration needs, Flex Plan will allow you to dictate how many users are licensed in the cloud or on-premises.

And if your needs change down the road, you can convert your licenses to match your collaboration needs.

Collaboration Endpoints

The system and licenses to enable your organization to make and receive calls are undoubtedly important. However, you need a device to make these calls.

We can help you find the right IP phone(s) for your business with these options from Cisco:

Desk Phone Options
Video Device Options
Conference phones

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