Discover your security vulnerabilities and address them with an assessment that will provide ways to protect your critical data.

Like most business leaders, cybersecurity is undoubtedly on your mind.

As attackers evolve their methods, security solutions are not always enough to protect your IT environment from exploitation.

Keeping your IT environment secure requires a comprehensive approach to security, including risk assessments.

The KR Group has seen first-hand how our clients’ attack surfaces expanded, which paved the way for cyberattacks.

Regardless of which of our assessments you choose, our highly-certified team will look for the weak points in your IT environment and guide your organization along an understandable path to a stronger security posture.


Purple Hive Team Assessment

This security risk analysis takes the most comprehensive approach to your security posture.

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Blue Hive Team Assessment

For organizations only interested in a defensive analysis of their IT environment, a Blue Team Hive Assessment takes defensive aspects of our Purple Team Assessment and provides a standalone service.

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Teleworker Security Risk Assessment

This assessment solely focuses on the technical components related to your remote workforce and offers a way to secure that portion of your IT environment.

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