Blue Team Hive Assessment

Receive an defensive perspective of your security gaps with a Blue Team Hive Assessment

For organizations only interested in a defensive analysis of their IT environment, a Blue Team Hive Assessment takes defensive aspects of our Purple Team Assessment and provides a standalone service.

The same security team which performs the Purple Team Hive Assessments does this security risk assessment. However, they’re analyzing your defensive posture. This includes elements such as policies, procedures, solutions, and incident response plans.

The smaller scope correlates to a shorter timeline and a lower price tag.

Pros & Cons of a Blue Team Hive Assessment

Are you starting to think this assessment may work for your organization? One of the best ways to determine if this service addresses your needs is to look at the following pros and cons:

Benefits of The KR Group’s Blue Team Hive Assessment

A few of the reasons customers prefer the Blue Team Hive Assessment are:

  • Manual review: Even though this assessment has a smaller scope than some of our other options, it is still built on a manual analysis that looks at all the areas of your IT environment.
  • Risk reduction recommendations: Knowing that you’re secure or insecure is only so helpful. After our team finishes discovering what vulnerabilities exist in your IT environment, they’ll also suggest measures you can take to solve them.
  • Team of experts: You want cybersecurity experts looking at your IT environment to provide the best recommendations. Our in-house CISSP leads all of our assessments and writes the final report.

Problems with The KR Group’s Blue Team Hive Assessment

Of course, this assessment isn’t for every company, and there are some disadvantages of this option.

You should keep the following points in mind when considering a Blue Team Hive Assessment:

  • The cost: Our security risk assessments are thorough and led by a team of experts, and the price can be prohibitive for some businesses.
  • Technical remediation tasks: A good security adviser will recommend the most efficient ways to address gaps in your security, but at times, they’ll be technical. You may need to hire an external IT expert to assist with the actions.
  • Lengthy review process: You’ll have a chance to see everything our security team looked at when they present their findings during the final report. However, depending on your current security posture, this can be a long afternoon.

Cost of a Blue Team Hive Assessment

The cost of our Blue Team Hive assessment encompasses all aspects of the evaluation.

The base price is calculated by the number of users you have, and each site after the first adds $700 per location.

If you opt for a Blue Team Hive Assessment, the base fee starts at a minimum of 200 users. Each user after 200 but before 251 is an average of $40 each. User #251 and beyond cost $15 each.

You should consider the per-user fee as an estimate when calculating the price of a security assessment, though. Pricing can fluctuate up or down based on the complexity of your IT environment.

Estimate your Blue Team Assessment Cost

This number is an estimate based on the information provided. Once you engage The KR Group, we’ll work with you to create a contract and finalize the price.

Timeline for a Blue Team Hive Assessment

From beginning to end, most Blue Team Hive Assessments take a few weeks as our team completes these six phases:

  • PHASE 1

    Pre-engagement (1-2 weeks before assessment)
    This phase allows our security team to gather all the information they’ll need, have you sign a non-disclosure agreement, and provide contact information and environment-specific information.

  • PHASE 2

    Launch day (1 day)
    During this phase, our security team will ensure all the information they have about your IT environment correct and officially start the assessment with an external vulnerability scan and creating a Cisco Umbrella account.

  • PHASE 3

    On-site analysis (1 day)
    For this portion of the assessment, The KR Group’s defensive team looks at how your server, routers, Active Directory, and other networking components are configured.

  • PHASE 4

    Remote analysis (1-2 weeks)
    The rest of the assessment takes place remotely. Our security reviews data collected from Cisco Umbrella and continues the manual assessment of your network.

  • PHASE 5

    Clean-up (1-2 days)
    When our team finishes assessing your IT environment, we’ll close out the project by cleaning up your IT environment and leaving it just as we found it.

  • PHASE 6

    Report presentation (1-2 days)
    After the assessment work is complete, we’ll compile everything we found into a report. This document is detailed and lengthy, so we’ll also schedule a time to go over it with your team.

Once all these steps are complete, you can expect a final follow-up around four weeks later to check if you have any questions or concerns.

Resources about a Blue Team Hive Assessment

For more information about our Blue Team Hive Assessment, check out the following resources:

Pros & Cons of a Defensive IT Security Risk Assessment

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