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Find the right hardware or software for your specific technology needs.

When it comes to finding the right IT for your business, there are multiple solutions you must consider.

At The KR Group, we offer solutions from vendors, such as:

Additionally, we provide managed IT services and cybersecurity solutions to help you monitor and maintain your IT environment.

All of these options can make it challenging to decide what you need and what’s best for your organization.

Your IT needs are important to us, and we will work with you to find the right options for your specific environment.

The solutions we offer are:

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Managed IT Services

Contracting for managed IT services is generally the most cost-effective way to maintain your IT environment. A managed IT service provider (MSP) monitors and maintains your IT environment as well as helps you create strategies and goals for future IT investments.

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As cyberattacks evolve and hackers improve their strategies, it has become necessary to have a certified IT security expert to protect your environment. If you’re looking for proactive analysis and strategy to reduce the chance of a threat or help cleaning up from an attack, our cybersecurity services can help.

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Data Center

When you need to add, update, or replace the systems within your IT environment, you have to find the best solution for you and one that works with your existing systems. Our data center team is knowledgeable and cross-trained in various IT areas to recommend to your business.

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Communication is imperative in any organization. Today, how you talk to your employees or customers – collaboration – includes a combination of video and audio calls and instant messaging. Let’s find the right tools for your collaboration needs.

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Enterprise Network

A network connection is vital to your business’s productivity and competitiveness. A well-planned enterprise network that includes routers, switches, wireless access points, etc., should work together and give your IT team the management tools and secure your network needs.

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Cloud Migration

More and more businesses are considering cloud migration for some or all of their systems. By moving to the cloud, you can reduce your on-site infrastructure footprint (and associated costs) as well as make data more accessible to remote or mobile users.

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Server backup and disaster recovery system

Backup and Disaster Recovery

No one expects to lose their most valuable information, but a data loss is often out of your control. Natural disasters and cyberattacks both pose risks to your data, but it doesn’t have to devastate your business. A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution allows you to get back up and running with minimal data loss.

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Turn to The KR Group to develop a plan to strategically guide your IT environment as your goals change. From expert advice on designing or implementing the latest technology to taking on the responsibility of your IT infrastructure, our team is ready to help.

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