Top 5 Benefits of Working with an IT Consulting Company

Consultants exist in nearly every industry as a resource to fill in knowledge gaps, provide external resources, and more. 

In IT, these consultants can provide numerous benefits to their clients. 

Technology is an industry that is already broad and continues to grow and evolve each day. Working with an IT consulting company will bring you additional knowledge without forcing you to work around the clock to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in every area of IT. 

As an IT consulting company, The KR Group and all of our employees are dedicated to helping you be better equipped to tackle your current technology needs. 

Throughout this article, you’ll see how we or any IT consulting company you partner with can take some of the complexity out of IT and get you back to feeling confident in what you can do. 

What Is an IT Consultant? 

Before you start reading about the advantages of working with an IT consultant, let’s explain what an IT consulting company is.

This term refers to a group of IT professionals who don’t work with a single company. Instead, they offer their knowledge and services to other organizations. 

Security services, data center products, and design and implementation assistance are a few examples of the common solutions IT consulting companies offer.

Additionally, many IT consulting companies work with IT manufacturers, such as Cisco, Meraki, Vertiv, Pure Storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and more. This partnership allows them to resell these products and implement them into your IT environment.

To become a partner, IT consulting companies have to demonstrate expertise — and in some cases, pass rigorous exams — before they’re permitted to resell a product. 

As you begin to think about what an IT consulting company can do for your organization, consider these five benefits: 

  1. IT consulting companies add value to product implementations.
  2. You can gain an external perspective on problems in your IT environment.
  3. You have access to industry experts. 
  4. You can receive training on unfamiliar aspects of your IT.
  5. You can strengthen your security posture. 

IT consulting companies are an excellent resource regardless of the size of your organization, and you should find at least one — if not many — of these benefits will apply to you. 

Benefit #1: IT Consultants Add Value to Resold Products

IT consultants, like The KR Group, are often known as value-added resellers (VARs) if they resell solutions through the channel model. 

One of the most widely known examples of the sales channel model is Cisco’s products. You can’t buy a solution from Cisco directly. Instead, you have to purchase it through a Cisco partner. 

To become a verified partner, you have to demonstrate you’re adept in the solutions you’ll resell. This tells the manufacturer (and the IT consultant’s customers) that the team selling you solutions thoroughly understands what they’re providing and has the knowledge to implement and support it. 

How does this benefit you as a customer? 

On the reselling side, VARs often have access to competitive pricing and pass the savings onto their customers. 

While the conversations around VARs often focus on the reselling aspect, the value-added element is equally important. 

An IT consultant can sell you the solutions and hardware you know you need. The value-added description means they’re working with you to understand your needs and future plans. 

You’ll receive a recommendation for a product that isn’t end-of-life, meets your needs, will last, and at a better price.

Benefit #2: IT Consultants Offer an External Perspective

We know from experience that it’s easy to get in the weeds of your individual IT environment.

Whether you’re looking for help with a specific problem or want another eye to review your IT environment, IT consultants provide fresh insight into your technology. 

IT consulting companies also have the resources to cross-train engineers on various manufacturers and products. This allows them to have a mental repository of multiple solutions that could work in your environment. 

The best IT consultants will provide this perspective with a level of humility and understand that you are the expert in your IT environment. They’ll also offer a listening ear to learn and understand what problem you’re having and what solution you’re looking for. 

Benefit #3: You Can Access Industry Experts

The added value and external perspective you receive isn’t from random IT engineers. 

IT consulting companies are comprised of industry experts. These organizations can afford to hire the best IT experts since the cost of employing them is distributed across multiple accounts. 

As an IT manager, you undoubtedly know an impressive amount about technology. IT consulting companies, on the other hand, hire experts in different areas of IT. 

They may have a team dedicated to cybersecurity, collaboration, data center, cloud migration, backup, etc. Within each business unit, the team learns everything they can and keeps updated on the latest changes in that specific faction of IT. 

As a customer, you’re able to tap into each of these areas of knowledge when you partner with an IT consulting company. 

Benefit #4: IT Consultants Can Provide Training 

The number of experts that an IT consulting company has on staff also makes them an excellent training resource. 

These organizations understand that the IT industry is best when knowledge is shared, and this means training customers to understand their new solutions and feel comfortable managing them. 

For example, suppose you order a new solution through an IT consulting company. In that case, an engineer will work with you to set up the user interface and ensure you have the information you need to continue using the new product. 

Benefit #5: Increased Security Posture Is Possible With IT Consulting 

We can’t talk about the benefits of IT consulting companies without discussing how they can help your security posture. 

All of IT rapidly changes and evolves, and this is especially true with cybersecurity. 

It seems like there is always an emerging threat and new solutions or services rolled out to respond and protect businesses from that attack. 

IT managers are already bogged down in the daily duties of maintaining their IT environments and responding to users’ service requests. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for you to keep up with everything that’s happening in cybersecurity. 

However, cybersecurity is a critical component of IT. 

As you read earlier, IT consulting companies staff experts in the many subareas of technology.

If cybersecurity is an area you could use assistance with, find an IT consulting company with a dedicated security team. 

They’ll show you how your cybersecurity is strong or weak, and they’ll help you learn how to address gaps and vulnerabilities in existence. 

Why You Should Work With an IT Consultant

You have so much on your plate as the manager of your organization’s IT. 

Between planning for future upgrades, ensuring everything is running smoothly, and responding to service tickets, there’s little time to be an expert in every area of technology.

However, working with an IT consulting company means you don’t have to know everything. 

If you want to increase your security posture, get training on new solutions, ask an expert for advice, or simply gain an external perspective on your IT environment, working with a tech consulting company provides all of these resources.

Additionally, if you’re looking to buy products only available to you through a manufacturer’s partner, the IT consulting company can offer competitive pricing and as much or as little support as you need during the implementation process. 

When you’re ready to start working with an IT consulting company and start seeing these benefits in your IT environment, set up a 30-minute introductory consultation

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