Cisco Collaboration Trends for 2022

Cisco Collaboration Trends 2022When I started writing about collaboration solutions in 2019, I began learning what business phones could do beyond dial tone and voicemail. 

To be fair, that was all I had used a work phone for, but as a member of The KR Group, I started to see all the other ways collaboration could enable communication. 

At that time, it meant getting comfortable with video calls if someone ended up working from home unexpectedly but still wanted to make a meeting.

Of course, adapting to changes in 2020 meant going from making video calls once or twice a month to three or more times a week.. Now, we all continue to host and join video conferences for hybrid meetings. 

However, collaboration innovation didn’t stop there. Companies like Cisco are always looking for ways to improve how technology helps us communicate in the workplace. 

So what does this mean for what we can expect to see in 2022? Here are a few highlights: 

  1. Useful features and integrations for Webex users
  2. New Webex devices
  3. Spark’s updated end-of-life date

Overall, Cisco continues to work toward creating a simpler user experience in collaboration, and these are some of the most noteworthy steps they’re taking in 2022.

New Features and Integrations for Webex Users 

Cisco continues to update its cloud communication platform, Webex, to stay ahead of technology needs.  Cisco Collaboration Trends 2022

One of the more recent changes it made is for the Webex app to allow you to hide availability and status from someone. This means you can still send and receive messages, but you can hide that you’re actively on Webex.

For example, suppose you’re logged on to Webex early in the morning and don’t want the office’s chatty Kathy to notice and send you messages before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee. By temporarily hiding your status, they won’t know you’re already logged onto your laptop. 

Other recent additions include: 

  • The use of Bitmojis on Webex’s Windows and Mac applications
  • Badge alerts for missed calls
  • Improved E911 integration
  • Ability to take control of a laptop through Webex application without starting a meeting

Along with a variety of new features, Cisco has added more integrations for Webex users. 

As more organizations implement SaaS solutions into their IT environment, Webex has made its solution compatible with services, including ServiceNow, HubSpot, MailChimp, Zendesk, Jira, and Salesforce. These integrations enable teams to schedule meetings, join meetings, message, and create spaces in Webex while in the other application. 

New Webex Devices

On the hardware side, Webex has two new additions to its device lineup: 

1. Webex Board Pro 

This digital whiteboard lets your teams brainstorm, draw, use stickies, and annotate on any content or an infinite canvas. It comes with two dedicated styluses and touch-based pinch and zoom for details and precision.

As far as specifications go, the Webex Board Pro is capable of UltraHD video and boasts a high-resolution 4K LED screen, intelligent 4K dual camera, a capacitive touch screen, and spatial audio. 

2. Webex Desk Mini

If you’re looking for a space-saving video device for home or office, the Desk Mini is Cisco’s answer

Within the portable, all-in-one collaboration device, you’ll find all of the features you need to work, meet, and co-create in this compact 15-inch interactive 1080p display. 

All devices include a 64-degree HD camera, full-range speaker, and noise removal mic array, video backgrounds, and an automatic adjusting camera. This device also has multiple color options, including light gray, carbon back, desert sand, Nordic blue, and woodland green. 

Cisco Moves Up Spark End-of-Life Date

Cisco Collaboration Trends 2022As Cisco focuses on newer technology with Webex, it means Spark – Webex’s predecessor – is going away. 

Originally, Cisco had slated Spark’s end-of-life for April of 2024. However, in November, they moved the final support date to January 2022

If you are still using Spark for your collaboration, you’ll want to work with your Cisco partner to coordinate your migration to another platform. 

If you want to stay with Cisco, you’ll move over to Webex, which has the features you read above. Plus, unlike Spark, the Webex app lets you transfer calls. 

Keep Up with Ongoing Collaboration Trends

Of course, as 2022 continues, you’ll undoubtedly see more collaboration features and solution roll-outs from Cisco beyond the new devices, integrations, functions. 

For example, we’ve already received a sneak peek of Cisco’s partnership with Google Glass and their initial work with holographic technology

Whether you’re looking to implement the latest, greatest Cisco collaboration solutions or stay current with the solutions you have, you should pay attention to what trends and releases could affect you. 

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