4 Benefits of Working with a Cisco Partner

Cisco partner
Working with a Cisco partner comes with many benefits, such as competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, and customized service.

If you want a superior purchasing experience implementing Cisco products, going through a Cisco partner is your best bet.

The KR Group has gone through the stringent process of becoming a certified Cisco partner, and so, when customers ask us why they should work with a Cisco partner, we point to four of the benefits:

  1. You might be eligible for promotional pricing through a Cisco partner.
  2. Cisco’s partners offer knowledgeable, certified staff.
  3. You’ll receive customized service working with a Cisco partner.
  4. Partners provide a direct line to Cisco.

Overall, working with a Cisco partner provides the best experience when purchasing Cisco products.

1.   You might be eligible for promotional pricing through a Cisco partner.

Like many technology vendors, Cisco operates with the channel sales model; they don’t sell their products directly but rely on partners, like The KR Group, to distribute the hardware and software.

Certified partners are granted promotional pricing from Cisco. They then pass down the savings to customers.

This savings is only possible if you buy Cisco products from a certified partner, though. If you purchase through a wholesaler instead, you’ll be spending more money.

2.   Cisco partners offer knowledgeable, certified staff. 

When a Cisco partner receives its certification, it essentially becomes an extension of the parent company.

Knowing that Cisco requires a stringent process when it comes to certification, every certified partner is required to three certification levels:

  1. A sales certification for an account manager to ensure sales staff is knowledgeable of what they’re selling.
  2. A design center certification for the IT designers who will be working with the customer and the account manager to guarantee the proper solution is planned for implementation.
  3. A field engineer certification for the engineers who will be implementing the Cisco products.

Cisco also requires each of these certifications to be held by different employees.

When it comes to a Cisco partnership, the certification process allows the certified account managers, designers, or engineers to know directly from Cisco what to recommend, how to design a solution, and how to implement the technology.

This type of knowledge is only possible directly from Cisco’s technicians or Cisco partners.

3.   You’ll receive customized service by working with a Cisco partner.

Cisco partners have an edge over Cisco’s technicians when it comes to knowing your network since they are the ones who helped sell, design, and implement your Cisco solution.

You’ll be working with a local company, who knows your architecture and what you’re looking to accomplish with whatever Cisco product you’ve purchased.

In general, they have a better idea of who you are and what you need and can customize services to be exactly what you need.

Since they’re the ones customizing service, they’re also able to quickly identify the root of problems.

4.   Partners provide a direct line to Cisco’s resources.

Cisco partner
When you work with a Cisco partner, you have access to Cisco itself for support and training.

Cisco partners are the next best thing to Cisco’s knowledge (and the best thing when it comes to purchasing Cisco products).

Working with a Cisco partner gives you access to customized service and the unparalleled knowledge of Cisco technicians.

As we mentioned earlier, when you work with a Cisco partner, you’re working with an extension of Cisco itself. Through your partner, you have a direct line to Cisco’s knowledge and training.

Cisco partners can also direct you to the manufacturer for a demo of new technology. If your Cisco partner’s account manager doesn’t have the answers to help you determine which product is best for you, they’re able to bring in Cisco’s sales and tech teams to show you the different features of whatever product(s) you’re considering.

Finding a Cisco partner

If promotional pricing, certificate-backed knowledge, customized service, or a direct line to Cisco have persuaded – or at least intrigued – you to look more into using a partnership, we have a full article dedicated to some of the best Cisco partners we know, specifically collaboration partners.

For Cisco’s perspective on the benefits of their partner program, they outline what a partnership means on their website. They also provide a search option for you to find a local Cisco partner.

You can also schedule a free, no-pressure consultation if you want more information on why you should consider a Cisco partner or what a partnership with us would look like. 


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