3 Reasons Professional Service Organizations Should Use Managed IT Services

When someone asks what your “normal” workday looks like, do you have to spend a couple of minutes compiling a mental list of all the responsibilities you juggle in an 8-hour workday?

If you’re like most leaders of a small or medium-sized professional service organization – such as a law firm, community organization, non-profit, etc. – you may not have enough resources to hire a dedicated IT manager.

However, those responsibilities are falling on someone. Typically, IT turns into one of many hats one of your leaders has to wear.

This not only takes them away from the activities that make your business productive but, generally, this person isn’t an IT expert.

One of the best solutions to this predicament is outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider (MSP).

For more than a decade, The KR Group has been alleviating the demands of IT for professional service organizations. Through our managed IT services contracts, we can make sure all your IT needs are met now and in the future.

Managed IT services are a perfect match for professional service organizations for the following reasons:

  1. MSP engineers know what the right technology is for your organizations’ needs.
  2. Managed IT services can be less expensive than other IT solutions.
  3. Managed IT services free up resources to focus on what makes you money.

Professional service organizations have many reasons to consider managed IT services, and in most cases, this is the best IT solution for them.

Managed service providers offer IT knowledge

As we mentioned earlier, most leaders in professional service organizations aren’t trained IT employees.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Still, if your title is anything other than CIO or IT director, handling your organization’s technology needs isn’t your top priority.

This means it’s potentially taking you away from your primary responsibilities. You can’t dedicate the amount of time to your IT environment that it deserves.

You may find yourself using solutions that aren’t entirely adequate or always finding workarounds and bandages to problems outside of your wheelhouse.

By outsourcing all the responsibilities to a managed IT service provider (MSP), you will receive support from a team that has dedicated their career to staying on top of technology.

Not only will they solve any issues within your IT environment, but they’ll also help you implement the proper solutions and plan for your future technology needs.

Managed IT services offer the most for their price

Regardless of how big or small your organization’s budget is, you want to save money when you can.

Managed IT services are an excellent opportunity to save money. Compared to an internal IT manager, contracting with an MSP is generally less expensive.

The exact cost of your managed services contract will depend on various factors, including how many users you have, if you can go without day-to-day on-site support, and what contract term you agree to.

The monthly fees for managed services are based on the number of users you have, and each user generally costs around $100 or less.

Before you become a managed services customer, you’ll also need to pay $500 for an audit and between $500 and $2,000 for a firewall.

(You can read more about how we charge and bill our managed services customers in our free guide to signing a contract.)

Managed IT services free up your resources

Of course, time is money, too, so you should also consider how much time you could spend making your organization money if you no longer had to think about the technology issues.

If anyone other than a designated IT manager or CIO is handling your technology, it takes you or someone on your team away from essential duties that make you money.

You can save time when you don’t have to worry about solving IT issues. Plus, an MSP can help you implement solutions that will make your operations more efficient.

What can managed IT services do for you?

The bottom line is that no matter what your professional service organization does, you are looking for ways to save money and free up your existing resources.

When you opt for managed IT services, you are also getting a knowledgeable resource who will give you back some time since you’re no longer worrying about IT problems. MSPs are also an invaluable resource when it comes to finding the most efficient solutions for your needs.

Are you starting to see how managed IT services could work for your organization?

This article only touches the surface of what managed services are and what they can do. To learn more about what managed services are and how they can help you, check our free guide that will teach you everything you need to know about managed services.


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Want the articles from our Learning Center delivered to your inbox? Stay up to date with the latest on cybersecurity, collaboration, data center, managed services, and more.

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