The KR Groups Opens Lakeshore Location

The KR Group Spring Lake Office
The KR Group has opened a second office location in Spring Lake to serve its customers along the lakeshore.

After a decade of operating out of an office space in Grand Rapids, Michigan, The KR Group opened a second location in Spring Lake. 

CEO Matt Keeler explained this move was something the company has been considering for a while. As the company’s customer base grew to include more customers along the lakeshore, the need to have a physical office near those customers continued to become apparent. 

“This has been on our mind for years,” Keeler said. “I’ve lived along the lakeshore since The KR Group started and we’ve continued to add staff along the lakeshore as well. It was just a matter of timing really.”

The new office in Spring Lake is a match for everything Keeler and the other KR Group partners were looking for in a second office location. There are individual office spaces, a meeting space, and room for growth.

While Keeler splits his time between the Spring Lake and Grand Rapids offices, three other employees, including Partner and Chief Information Security Officer Bob Barrett, work full-time out of the new location.

“I live on the lakeshore and worked in consulting here for about a decade prior to coming to The KR Group,” Barrett said. “I love the area, the businesses, and the culture. It’s exciting to have a footprint in Spring Lake with quick access to both our Lakeshore and Grand Rapids customers.”

Both Barrett and Keeler are optimistic the new office space will allow for an increase in company growth at The KR Group.

“We have the Grand Rapids office space, but we realized we were outgrowing it,” Barrett said. “Moving forward, we decided we would rather purchase buildings if possible and make investments into the communities.”

Keeler also hopes expanding geographically and physically will foster internal growth.

The KR Group believes in a better technology experience. We design, implement, manage, and maintain your IT infrastructure with approachable expertise. Whether you’re looking to implement state of the art technology, upgrade a phone system, keep your data secure, or perform routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

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