Benefits of Using a Local MSP in West Michigan

Now that you’ve decided to pursue managed IT services, you need to find an IT company that offers this service.

Regardless of what provider you end up contracting with, they should employ highly technical engineers, focus on customer satisfaction, communicate clearly and pursue innovation.  Local MSP in West Michigan

Not here yet? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Managed IT Services to see if this is the right service for you. 

For our fellow Michiganders, you have several local options, but we also know you’re likely looking at national MSPs, too. 

While The KR Group is an MSP here in West Michigan, we will look at the advantages of using a local MSP as objectively as possible. You should understand the benefits of using any West Michigan IT organization for managed IT services, including our competitors. 

So what are these benefits? Here are some of our favorites:

  1. You’ll get more than just remote support.
  2. Your IT requests are answered by someone locally. 
  3. You can expect personalized service. 
  4. There’s more flexibility.
  5. You’re supporting your local community.

Of course, there are countless benefits to buying from a local company, but these are a few of the ones that apply best to managed IT services. 

More Than Remote Support

Advances in technology have made remote support a great asset to managed IT services. You no longer have to wait for an engineer to come to you whenever you physically require tech support. Local MSP in West Michigan

This trend led to faster response and resolution times, but it’s taken some personal touches out of a managed services contract. 

While a local MSP undoubtedly uses remote tools to solve problems, they aren’t tied to it. If an emergency requires on-site support, an engineer can be there soon. 

Even if you never find yourself needing on-site support, a local MSP should also make sure to schedule regular in-person cadences. You can put a face to the name on the other side of your computer when you’re working with them. 

How do you benefit? 

You have someone you know working on your IT and can build a relationship with them as you see them time and time again. 

Personalized Service

As you read in the section above, you can expect personalized service with a local MSP.

Many MSPs, including The KR Group, assign a specific engineer to your organization. Over time, they’ll develop a vast knowledge of your IT systems, company preferences, and quirks specific to your technology. 

Of course, they’ll also get to know you. If you choose to share any personal details of your life, it’s much more likely your local MSP engineer will remember than one at a national provider with dozens and dozens of accounts. 

Your technology matters, and with local, personalized service, you should feel that way. 

More Flexibility

Another advantage of working with a local MSP is they often can offer some flexibility.

Local MSP in West MichiganWith a national provider, you’ll have a very defined process with little room to deviate from the red tape. 

However, when you sign a contract with a local organization, there’s more wiggle room in the agreement. 

Local MSPs can take the time to look at the differences between the legalities of the contract and the spirit of the relationship — the latter allows you to be flexible. 

Additionally, at a local MSP, you’re working with engineers who are much closer to the executive team, whereas, with a national provider, that escalation may not even be possible. 

The closer you can get to the ownership in the organization, the more the spirit of the contract can be honored over the black and white agreement.  

Local Answers to IT Problems

Local MSP in West Michigan Aside from more in-person support and personal service, a local MSP operates in the same geographic area as you. 

So, they’ll be affected by the same things — good and bad — as you. 

Was there an outage that caused some problems with your IT environment? We heard the storm roll through last night, too. 

Did your company announce a plan for significant growth? We’re also excited about the new jobs you’re bringing to the community. 

Are you distracted on a Monday morning because the Lions almost won a game? Trust us; we are, too. 

Supporting Your Local Community

Overall, the same benefits of working with any local company apply to contracting with a nearby MSP. 

Our businesses are part of the same economy. What you pay for your contract goes toward our employees shopping in the same places as you. 

You’re also supporting local organizations. For example, here in West Michigan, many of us partner with Kids Food Basket and other community groups to benefit the area around us. 

When we work together, we can make a more significant impact on bettering the greater Grand Rapids area. 

Why Should You Work with a Local MSP?

The reasons to work with a local MSP aren’t all that different than the reasons you give your business to other West Michigan businesses. 

Maybe you go to the local farmer’s market in the summer because you like supporting your local farmers. When you sign a contract with a local IT provider, you’re supporting regional employees and the causes they put money toward. 

Or perhaps, you take your car to the third-generation mechanic down the road because you like the personal attention they give you and the flexibility they can offer with pricing. These same principles apply to local managed IT services. 

In the tech industry, using a local provider also means you will get more than remote support, and the answers to your IT problems come from people who live in your community and share the same highs and lows as you. 

For more information about becoming a managed IT services customer of a local provider — specifically, The KR Group — check out our Complete Guide to Signing a Managed Services Contract

Local MSP in West Michigan

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