The Best Managed IT Service Providers in West Michigan

best managed it service providers You’ve decided – or at least are fairly certain – using a managed service provider (MSP) will meet your organization’s IT needs.

After evaluating the benefits, understanding the problems, and exploring the costs, you feel confident in this direction.

But now, you must find a provider to deliver on all the positive aspects of managed services. Ideally, you’d prefer to find one that goes above and beyond and cultivates a relationship between your organizations.

A quick Google search for the best MSPs in your area is likely your first start on this side quest toward becoming a managed services customer.

If your online search led you to The KR Group’s website, we’re glad you’re here and hope to answer this question, and the same goes if you found this article through another means.

And while we hope The KR Group’s managed services are in the running for your business, we know an educated decision means reviewing our competitors as well. So, here are six other companies (in alphabetical order) that we recommend: 

  1. CompuCraft
  2. Next IT
  3. NuWave
  4. Red Five
  5. Rehmann, formerly Trivalent
  6. Worksighted

For each option, you’ll learn a bit about the IT provider’s methodology and contract options. By the end of the article, you should be able to narrow down the list of potential MSPs for your organization.


CompuCraft Managed IT Services

CompuCraft is based in Grand Rapids. Since 1987, the company has offered managed IT services for small businesses and supplemented the internal IT departments of larger organizations. The company’s most comprehensive IT management service is Encompass, which CompuCraft claims make IT boring. best managed it service providers

With this option, you would hand over the day-to-day management of your technology to CompuCraft’s team of engineers and adapt the prescribed software and hardware suite.

The service offering includes the following components:

  • Virtual CIO advisory
  • Network administration & monitoring
  • Full remote support and full help desk
  • Patch management
  • Managed antivirus
  • Employee phishing testing
  • On-site support
  • Minor moves, adds, and changes

Other managed technology services you can opt for with CompuCraft include Stratacenter (email), Stratavault (backup), and Guardian Network Security (enterprise-grade firewall).


Next IT Managed Services

Next IT has three offices – in Traverse City, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo – that provide virtual IT departments for organizations looking to outsource their technology management.

The company provides the hallmark services of an MSP, including proactive maintenance, advanced security tools, as well as network administration and support. Additionally, they focus on the entire life cycle of their customers’ IT environments, including planning, budgeting, vendor management, asset and warranty tracking, licenses, subscriptions, and renewals.

Along with Next IT’s managed services platform, the company provides computer repair and other IT consulting services.


NuWave Technology Partners

NuWave Technology Partners provides managed IT services and security and technology solutions from full operational offices in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, as well as local support in Jackson, Southfield, Traverse City, and St. Joseph.

NuWave Technology Partners offers managed and co-managed IT services. They customize both solutions to meet your needs and keep your daily operations running. 

Their goal is to handle all the components of your IT environment – from building a technology plan and budget that align with the customer’s goals to being the ongoing helpdesk for support.

NuWave has six priorities when they take over your IT environment:  planning and budgeting, healthy infrastructure, IT quality, risk management, security, and operational effectiveness and efficiency. 


Red Five Managed IT Services

Red Five offers managed IT services out of Grand Haven, Michigan, as well as other technology services, such as computer repair, network and email security, cloud consulting, backup and disaster recovery, and helpdesk services. best managed it service providers

When it comes to their managed services platforms, customers have two options to choose from:

1. Monthly service contracts

If you’re looking to outsource your IT management completely, this would be your best option. Red Five will work with you to create a contract that meets your scheduled maintenance, IT support, and remote monitoring needs.

2. Block time service

Alternatively, you could sign a block-time contract. You’ll pay for a set amount of consulting time (with a minimum of 25 hours).

You can use this time on an as-needed basis for audits, new installations, troubleshooting and repair, migration, training, and general support.


Rehmann Managed IT Services

Rehmann is another option West Michigan businesses have for an IT partner. You may be familiar with the company’s former name, Trivalent, which changed after the accounting firm Rehmann acquired the Grandville-based IT company in 2018. 

best managed it service providers Under Rehmann’s technology offerings are managed services. If you choose them, they will provide “reliability and peace of mind for one straightforward monthly fee.”

Rehmann’s managed IT services come in a few varieties:

1. Essentials (Foundation) 

This tier gives you the essentials for managed IT services. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a solution that continuously monitors your critical systems and software. Additionally, you’ll receive automatic notifications of issues while paying only for the help desk support you need.

2. Enhanced (Framework – Business Hours)

This option gives you all the features of the Essentials tier, along with a few extra benefits.

While multi-tier helpdesk, as-needed on-site support, and spam filtering are optional add-ons with Essentials contracts, they’re all included in Enhanced agreements.

Other additional features this tier offers include:

  • Monthly on-site consultations for patching of systems and status reports
  • Documentation of your environment
  • Public web domain management
  • Regular, proactive maintenance on servers and infrastructure
  • Unlimited support of defined applications and platforms
  • Level 1 support for proprietary/third-party applications
  • Environmental monitoring

Plus, you’ll have access to critical alert response and remediation between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

3. Enhanced (Framework 24/7)

Rehmann’s top tier of managed services offers all the benefits of Framework Base but extends support from 12 hours during the weekday to 24/7 support. 


Worksighted Managed IT Services

Worksighted is yet another IT consultant to consider, and the company has offices in Holland and Wixom.

They serve a variety of organizations, from small businesses to enterprises. Regardless of your organization’s size, Worksighted says they focus on supporting the users who keep your organization running.

For simple support requests, the IT consulting firm provides a remote support team, which handles the bulk of customer issues. However, when necessary, a field engineer from their Holland or Wixom office can visit on-site to work through unresolved problems.

Worksighted’s managed services contracts include: best managed it service providers

  • Unlimited remote IT support
  • Vertical-based support teams
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Complete Security Essentials toolset
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Complete Microsoft 365 plan management & support
  • Data backup management
  • PC installation and deployment
  • Windows patch management
  • Infrastructure review services
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Software licensing management
  • 3rdparty vendor coordination
  • Comprehensive onboarding and training program
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Annual technical business reviews

You should keep in mind that access to on-site support is an add-on feature and costs with any Worksighted managed services contract.


Next Steps for Finding Your Managed Service Provider

As you read, each provider mentioned in this article has a slightly different take on managed IT services. Still, we’re confident you’ll find services with one of them – or with us – that will meet your individual IT needs.

While searching for the perfect MSP, some other concerns you have include what makes a provider reputable, how to switch providers, and what to expect in a contract. Regardless of which provider you end up contracting with for managed services, you can find this information on our Learning Center.

And when you’re ready to learn all about signing up for managed IT services, we encourage you to check out our free e-guide, which reviews the various aspects of a contract. 

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